I am interested in protein-membrane interactions. We are studying how proteins interact with lipid membranes at the molecular level. Specifically, we study pore forming proteins that are able to perforate lipid membranes in a multi-step process involving membrane binding, oligomerization and pore formation. We study important regulators of immune system (perforin), bacterial virulence factors (listeriolysin), Nep1-like proteins  and proteins similar to toxins from sea anemones (actinoporin-like proteins). We employ various biochemical and biophysical approaches with an emphasis on surface plasmon resonance, which allows studying molecular interactions. We are developing and improving protocols for the study of protein binding to lipid membranes.

Subjects: Membranes and transport / Proteins / Biochemistry / Structural biology / Biophysics

Interests: Natural toxins / Molecular interactions / Protein-membrane interactions / Surface plasmon resonance

I work at the National Institute of Chemistry, in the Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology. I am heading programe group Molecular Interactions.

We are closely collaborating with the Infrastructural Centre for Molecular Interaction Analysis, which offers services to researchers from Slovenia and abroad. Please, visit webpages of the centre for more information. You are welcome to use our facilities in your research.

Our research is supported by Slovenian Research Agency, Lek, pharmaceutical company, Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Ad Futura.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students contact me, if you are interested to work in our laboratories.